The Productivity Bureau is the working hub for Penny Duckworth, a productivity coach serving creative professionals in commercial industries.

As well as attending the University for Creative Arts, I have over 10 years of experience working alongside 80+ creative professionals in my role as project manager and later as a coach. My passion is to help you to see your skills and drive for excellence in creativity as an asset in the business world rather than a curse; as a drive towards productivity rather than a blocker as many other industry professionals would have you labelled.

On a national level I strive to show how our small UK based creative businesses are the answer to our economic growth woes and herald creative based service industries as the ultimate remedy to future-proof our nation and remain the world-leader in innovation.

I offer space and time to tackle answers to the very personal and often unvoiced questions in the back of your mind: How do I keep doing excellent work when the business side of work sucks so much life out of me? How do I show my clients the worth of creative work? How do I stop the downward spiral towards becoming the circus monkey who jumps through client hoops for peanuts? Remind me, why am I doing this again? How do I stop disappointing my clients because of my lack of organisational skills?

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