Define: Procrastination


to_doWelcome to the first entry in my procrastination series. Procrastination literally means putting off for tomorrow. In my experience this is a tomorrow that is all too often more than a sunrise away; a “Mañana, Mañana” sort of tomorrow.

How about your experience of procrastination? Designer Jonny says it’s “self-interested laziness…ignoring what I need to do, in favour of doing pretty much nothing at all!” Developer Dave defines it mostly as “the action of a treasonous part of my brain that prevents me from achieving all my goals in life”.

Leave your comments below, if you have the time… or if you don’t, perhaps a quick pause might give you a fresh perspective on the dregs of your to-do list which have slowly shunted themselves into the urgent GET-THIS-DONE-BEFORE-BANK-HOLIDAY-WEEKEND-OR-ELSE list. I’m sure a short break won’t lead you into procrastination…I guess that all depends on who is steering

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