Can Creativity and Efficiency be Happily Married?

I hope you enjoyed the procrastination theme we explored during the spring. With a change in season comes a change in topic; for Summer I have chosen the relationship between creativity and efficiency. I’ve never worked in a creative environment where this relationship hasn’t been a challenge. It’s the age-old ad-world battle between the suit and the CD:

CD: “Fuck off Mr. Suit, leave me to my ideas, creativity takes time”

Suit: “We don’t have time! The client is waiting, this deadline is scary and big and you are wasting time!”

Is there a solution? YES! Can the suit and the CD live happily ever after? YES! How?

You may have noticed I categorised this post under ‘Heroes’. That’s because it’s about my biggest hero, he’s currently unpublished so you won’t have heard of him, his name is Alastair Duckworth, he’s my husband *shy cough*. His creative philosophy has informed my management of suits and CDs probably more than anything. For all my palpitations over efficiency/productivity/time management I am able to love, appreciate and defend the creative process because of this 1 simple rule he has patiently taught me: TENSION: Where you find two opposing forces there you find life.

So who wins the fight between creativity and efficiency? No-body and everybody: if you are fighting, you are winning. You lose when one side stops fighting and tension stops existing.

Relish the fight and do good work on time.

“Marriage is a duel to the death which no man of honour should decline.” G.K. Chesterton

[Photograph credit: Ed Pugh 2008]

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