Holiday in flight mode? Of course!

As I am off on holiday I thought I’d take a break from my latest topic on creativity and efficiency to discuss time off.

Last night during a dinner party we got onto the topic of switching off from work when on holiday. There was a resounding ‘NO’ to taking client calls and checking emails during family holidays. It’s great when we work in a world where that is possible and most employers expect us to switch off when we book time off. Even more super is when employers provide a system to ‘handover’ work to another colleague while you are away. It certainly takes the pressure off and allows you to slowly unwind for a week.

So, how do you slowly unwind? What does the absence of work allow you to do? On holiday that is super easy to answer: explore new place X, lay on beach, read book, entertain kids, sleep more, eat new and interesting things etc. But what about at home? What does the absence of work look like mid-week or at the weekends?

For some it doesn’t even exist. Work is still happening, in our heads, on our phones and laptops, even ‘life admin’ is work, all the time. Being told that’s bad and you should stop working once and awhile isn’t enough anymore – most of us have stopped knowing what to do when work stops, apart from sleep or watch box sets.

What does it take to restore some balance to life and really rest regularly? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

My first thought is to sit in a room alone.




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