Client Feedback

It’s always great to hear feedback from happy clients. Here’s a recent recommendation I received from Antoinette Daniel, a small business owner who needed help when her company’s success started ramping up the stress levels:

Having experienced her Time Penny package I was sincerely impressed. Within 30 minutes of the beginning of session 1, Penny had accurately summarised my personality, the issues that I was having with time management and was able to succinctly guide me towards 3 ideas and tools for me to test and think through over the next month.

Her process helped me to combat my procrastination and gave me a longer term solution to work towards in terms of feeling time pressured and often overwhelmed with the ‘to-do’ list.

She reinforced some of those time-old methods that I already know but set them in a context of where I want to be. Her calm, enthusiastic, friendly and ‘safe-hands’ manner made the whole process an enjoyable oasis like experience.

A month down the line, I have cut down on wasted procrastination time. I can more quickly identify when I am avoiding unpleasant tasks. I feel more focused and better motivated to keep working towards my future goals.

She understands the mind of an SME business person and with her background in the creative industry would be well-suited to work with a broad range of companies and individuals.

Time and money well spent!

If you are a small business either starting out on your own or with a few busy colleagues I can help you with your time management woes. There’s no need for it to interrupt your busy day as I’m available for early morning 1:1 meetings. All my clients have seen definite progress on their productivity in just one hour.

Take a look at what other clients have been saying on my testimonials page and use my contact form to get in touch.

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