Hero #5: Simon Sinek

In the next 400 or so words I cannot summarise all of the insights of todays hero, Simon Sinek, he has a lot to say. But in the theme of stress management one Sinek quote always crops up. He says “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.”

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” Simon Sinek

He goes on to explain this in his book ‘Start with Why’. When we think about what we fill our days with, what makes us money, do we think about it in terms of what we do, how we do it or why we do it? We get stressed out because we have either not figured out the ‘Why’ or we have and we don’t like it. Without realising we have not engaged our heart in our activities so when they become challenging it stresses us out.

Sounds like a simple solution in principle but how do you figure out the ‘Why’? For most of us this will be an exercise in post rationalising – we do not have the advantage of being on the edge of a precipice of opportunity looking out at the options available for us and asking what’s next? Most of us are in a job, have a chosen career, have trained in a specific area. So, in this situation we have to assess what we love about our current work, what inspires us, what do we believe in? It is possible that this won’t even be in your job description, for example, bringing a sense of harmony to working environments in the office, if you really love that then even when it is challenged, disheartening does not so easily lead to stress, instead it tends to just spur us on to work harder.

Every time I’m on the way to meet with a client I mutter under my breath “Lord, I pray that I don’t make efficiency the be-all-and-end-all for this person” I do this because I have two conflicting passions in my life: 1. Pure unadulterated efficiency at the expense of all else and 2. Helping people to see that they don’t have to change their personality in order to feel in control of their day-to-day life balance. Being aware that one passion can out-rule the other is an important task for me!

I’d love to hear about other peoples passions and if anyone else finds passions that conflict each other, please leave your comments below.

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