Stress, 2017 does not welcome you…

This is a call for anyone who has ever looked at their to-do list and decided it’s too long to even start… for anyone who has looked at their diary, crammed with meetings and wondered when they’ll actually get to start their to do list… for anyone who has not even got around to writing a to-do list for 2 months… for anyone who wishes someone would write them a to do list by systematically going through the 658 unread emails in their inbox and telling them which to prioritise.

This is a blog post for anyone who has ever wanted to run out of a meeting mid flow and hide in a cupboard… for anyone who has felt like screaming “you just don’t get it do you” during a client call… for anyone who longingly wishes for a holiday without worrying what Armageddon they will return to. This is for you. TimePenny is for you.

Stress comes in many forms, we’ve been exploring it a little bit during this season and we’ve come to the last post in the theme; there is still so much to say on this topic. Read some of the feedback from my clients and you’ll see that stress is not uncommon, but it can also be tackled, in small ways, very easily.

Let’s not try and pretend that every stressful situation can be fixed by following Brian Tracy’s ABCDE rule or going for a pedicure. It can feel like a mammoth task just unpicking the reasons you got in this stressful situation in the first place. That’s why my coaching sessions always start with questions and lots of talking from you. After the hour session is over I can summarise our learnings into 2 or 3 concrete actions and tools to move forward, plus a few tips to take you into a stress-free way of approaching work. If you are interested feel free to get in touch.

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