Emily’s App Rates: Loom

We all know you can use video for marketing your business but have you ever thought of it as a productivity tool?  I hate being on camera so, so much.  I have been doing my best to quietly avoid being filmed or having my picture taken for most of my adult life.  Over the last couple of weeks however, I have become reluctantly convinced that one day we might live in a world where we all record videos as quickly and naturally as we send an email.

This revelation hit me while I was training a new team member for one of my clients.  The other person is in a different hemisphere so teaching face to face obviously wasn’t feasible and neither was being on hand to support and answer questions during their working day.

Despite all these challenges, we’ve done an amazingly efficient hand over using a video recording app called Loom.  Loom is a plug in for the Chrome browser which allows you to record quick videos of yourself, your screen or both in just a couple of clicks.

I’ll let the people at Loom explain how it all works; using the power of video of course.

I created a series of short videos demonstrating processes and the software we use.  It was much quicker (and less boring for both of us) than writing step by step instructions and clearer than relying on screenshots.   Each video took around 20 minutes to create.  The videos will also be there to reference every time she needs to perform a task and I’m certain that has reduced the number of follow up questions.

You can use Loom whenever it’s simpler to just say something rather than write it and whenever a visual demonstration would speed things up. Make use of the integration with Gmail to resolve customer service issues by showing the customer what to do.  Use Loom to create a library of videos to demonstrate your products or communicate with your team.  Create a video you can use over and over again or do lots of quick bespoke videos – it’s up to you.  Either way it probably doesn’t take longer than writing it all in an email and it’s a great way to build relationships when you can’t always get face to face or co-ordinate diaries for a call.

Did I mention, I HATE being on camera?  Surprisingly, I’m fine with Loom.  It’s so easy to use I really couldn’t make any more excuses not to.   I can’t quite believe it but I like it.  I would even dare to suggest it’s kind of addictive.

Loom is fairly new to the market so, for now at least, it is totally free.  Try it out here.

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