Heroes of Old: #2 Charles Dickens

My ‘heroes of old’ series wouldn’t be complete without focusing on some prominent creators of works who were truly prolific. There have been many, but a friend recently told me about the routine of Charles Dickens, who, when writing, only worked in the mornings and always had a 3 hour walk in the afternoon, and it got me thinking about the routines of productive people in general.

Your routine – the way you structure your day-to-day work – is very personal to you. Often developed over many years of trial and error and for most people is dictated by the 9-5 work culture. But even within the confines our office life we can make adaptations to improve our efficiency.

Back to Dickens, research on his routine led me to a brilliant article in the Harvard Business Review reviewing a book by Mason Currey: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. Rather than fill the internet with more words I’ll simply appeal to you to read it here. It covers off some of the main trends of creative and productive people without letting you lose hope that your 9-5 is your slave-master, beautiful.

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