An Introduction to Productivity Coaching

You may have noticed we’ve had a little bit of a revamp of everything lately: new name, new website, new services. It’s all very exciting! But one thing has most definitely stayed the same: my coaching.

So what is a productivity coach and why do I call myself one? Productivity is not just about getting more done with your time but more about getting the most effective things done with your time. Often it is very hard to determine what is the most effective work you should be doing, let alone actually getting around to doing it! That’s where my coaching comes in. I’m not your average coach, I don’t take on my clients for months on end, mostly because I know you are all very busy but also because I believe it only takes 1 hour to get down to some really useful tactics to improve your effectiveness in your work. I will always start with YOU. This is so fundamental to all my coaching, there are so many different personalities and methods for working, I can’t start to categorise. Each of you needs my 1:1 attention to get the best tailored advice from me so I always begin with time to listen to you and learn what you are about. I coach based on a methodology I have developed over years of sitting beside people in my previous role as a Project Manager and over the years since I started coaching in 2015. I can’t claim to have any special qualifications for this role except those given to me by experience.

I love sitting with people and seeing the penny drop, watching improvements over the month that we have open email communication and again sitting down with them during our follow-up session to revise our action plan and come up with new goals based on the time won back, it wouldn’t have been the same journey without all of you lovely clients sharing your stories with me. Some short snippets of them can be read on our client’s testimonials page and we’ve also just started publishing more detailed client case studies, the first of which can be read here.

Please get in touch if you want to find out more or book a free consultation call to see if my coaching could be for you.

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