Blogs I Love

As a special Christmas gift I thought I’d spend a bit of time jotting down the blogs I have found most useful during my time as a Productivity Coach and why, so here goes…

Most inspirational

I generally don’t go it for mushy heart warming go-gettum’ statements and articles. I find a lot of inspirational bloggers can be a bit wordy and not at all practical. Not so with Marie Forleo. She may be American and a little cheesy sometimes but her prolific vlogging leaves you with so many topics to pick and choose from. Rather than following on a weekly basis I use it as a resource tool.

Most Practical

The Best Self Company are a small US company that label themselves as human performance junkies providing simple tools to guide you to become your best self. They are really in the business of personal planners but the way the have gone about developing them and their entire business structure is very impressive. They tore down convention and built up the idea of how to record your goals and daily tasks whilst staying motivated in a totally new way, whilst also functioning on an efficient staff base from across the US working remotely. Their blog is very straight forward but has some great insights, quick guides and shares from thought leaders, enjoy.

Best Listen

If you are more of a podcast kind of person then I find one of the easiest people to listen to in the world of productivity is Tim Ferris. He does not pull his punches, he is not trite and optimistic. I don’t agree with everything he touts but it’s a super springboard for that downtime thinking that can hopefully result in changing or sticking to performance strategies. Most of the ‘shows’ are 1-2 hours long, some are a bit shorter.

Most humour-filled (and yet also insightful)

Wait but why is actually one of the first blogs I ever followed. It’s also probably one of the best known so apologies if you were looking for hidden gems here! So very easy to read because of the illustrations and humour, my best post of his is why procrastinators procrastinate and this led me on to others of his that touch on the topic of productivity, although this is obviously not all he does.

There are tonnes more that I dip in and out of every day but I thought this might make a good short list, happy reading and do post your favourite blogs that motivate you to be more productive in the comments.




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