How to become an email master – join our webinar and learn how to take control of your inbox


All across the world I hear the festive click of out of office responders being switched on.  Christmas is pretty much the only time of year when you can walk away from your email for a week at a time without returning to an avalanche of unread messages.   Email sucks in lots of ways but it’s not going anywhere in a hurry.   As more and more people opt to work remotely or freelance, we’re becoming ever more reliant on it.   Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of people who feel overwhelmed by their email.  Great leaders, senior people at the top of their professions – but who were presiding over an email inbox that might as well have been a black hole.   Have you ever worked with colleagues who roll their eyes at the idea of getting an email response from their manager?  Are you that manager?  If you are self employed email becomes even more important.   It’s probably your main line of communication with your clients or customers.  Not being on top of your emails could harm your reputation and actually lose you money.   I personally think it’s really weird, considering how reliant we are on email for our communication, that very few of us have actually been taught how to manage it effectively.

So, here at the Productivity Bureau, we are on a mission to make 2018 the year that you finally get to grips with your email.  On 23rd January at 8pm, we’ll be teaming up with our friends at Entreprenursery to offer a FREE WEBINAR on TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR EMAIL.

If it feels like email is taking over your life.   This webinar is for you.    If your work patterns are being dictated by everyone but yourself, this webinar will teach you how you can wrest back control and actually get stuff done.  If you are simply swamped by your email and worry you are missing important stuff we’ll show you how to get back on top.   SIGN UP HERE

We’ll teach you ways to reduce the number of emails which end up in your inbox.   We’ll share a very simple inbox management system which will make “inbox zero” a reality not just an impossible dream.   We’ll introduce you to new tools which will make you an email master.   We’ll give you a workable plan so you always know what you should be responding to and when.

Join us on the webinar in January to kick start your comms for 2018 and finally get that inbox back under control.

In the meantime, a very Merry Christmas and Happy and New Year from The Productivity Bureau.

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