A photo of Brian Storey, smiling, sits on a book shelf with the words "what I wish I had known with Brian Storey"

Brian Storey is a seasoned Creative Director. He’s the founder of digital publisher, KAPOW Network, and formerly the owner of creative agency, Wand.

In this instalment of ‘What I Wish I Had Known’ Brian looks back at his first business giving us valuable insights into the world of advertising.

How long did you run your business, Wand?  

About 7.5 years

What made you decide to set up on your own?

My creative partner at the time and myself didn’t like how clients in large agencies were being ‘ripped off’ with agency services that they didn’t need. We also discovered that clients loved meeting ‘the creatives’ directly. So, we took the plunge, found ourselves a Managing Director partner and set up on our own with an office in Holborn.

What were your biggest challenges at the beginning?

New business. Even though we had an enviable agency pedigree, to persuade medium sized clients to invest in a start-up was hard. All of our first clients were brave. Once we were doing ads and DM for clients then the less brave followed – but that took a couple of years.

What do you wish you had known back then?

Whoa, I could take all day answering that question. I learned a library’s worth of stuff (most from making mistakes). I think the biggest thing I’d tell myself would be to dump people you don’t work well with as quickly as possible, no matter what their skillsets or your personal attachment. Your business has to be more important than that. If you’re making excuses to protect why you’re working with someone that’s a problem.

Thank you Brian for your honest and helpful insights! If you are interested in finding out more about Brian or his new venture in digital screen marketing at KAPOW Network then you can look him up here.

If you are just starting out and have been experiencing similar challenges or are already on the other side looking back at your early years in business please get in touch and/or comment below with your experiences as I would be delighted to hear about them and feature them, and you,  in this series.

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