The Agile Mindset: Part Three

Communicate regularly and impeccably

This is a continuation of my series on how agile principles apply to the productivity of your business.

In this instalment of my series on agile working I am going to explain the principle of communication.

As collaboration regarding work and business requires openness, so it is in all areas of the working team. A morning scrum, coined by the agile methodology, is the idea that every team member presents and is accountable for their work every day. This isn’t an excuse for the team leaders to micro manage; this is not a daily dishing out of hand-to-mouth tasks. Each team member simply presents his or her daily set of actions to assist in the wider understanding of the direction of the project, leaving no-one under any illusion of what is expected to be achieved.

The benefits of this form of communication are vast, here are some of them:

  • Face-to-face communication is direct and avoids miss-communication, back-biting and frustrating email chains or group messages that no-one reads
  • It promotes personal accountability for work
  • It helps to connect the dots between the overall strategy and the daily work
  • It’s an instant problem solving tool, as a result this builds openness and trust about people’s issues and their desire to fix them without them feeling forced to defend their motives

Ways in which this can go wrong mostly relate to the way they are led; creating a trusting and open environment where people can be honest is key to this working well. Interjecting with ‘corrections’ to the way your team members are working can really kill that collaborative agenda. Offer to be part of the solution instead.

For more take a look at the other episodes in this series or head to my quick tips vlog on what Agile means.

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