The Agile Mindset: Part Four

Stop and ask: Is what I am doing

a) Excellent b) Necessary ?

This is the last entry in my series on how agile principles can be applied to the productivity of your business.  

Regularly stopping to check if your work is excellent and necessary is vital to ensure the quick turnaround of projects. If you are turning around work, in whatever form, at a good pace, then it is likely that the changes you will be making will have less impact on the overall project’s timeline. 

 Is it Excellent? 

I often talk about how excellence in work is a given in the creative industries, but I have often worked alongside creatives who are not motivated to do excellent work simply because they do not agree with the method or brief. It’s a lack of empowerment that mostly comes from the siloes of business and work which I discussed in my previous post which causes this problem. It is the responsibility of the person doing the work and the manager equally to ensure this doesn’t happen, it’s a killer to creative excellence. 

 Is it Necessary? 

Necessary work is sometimes a bit harder to define, mostly because we are all very much stuck in a culture of ‘doing’. Classic to-do-list driven working does not naturally attribute value or priority to each task, it encourages us to just keep bludgeoning on, no matter what the cause or result, until everything is ticked off the list. Taking a step back to consider the priority and value of the work you are doing can help to eradicate unnecessary work. 

 In conclusion, the agile mindset filters down into all aspects of business productivity, blurring the lines between strategy and production, ensuring each team member is empowered to contribute with the big picture in mind and ensuring that, as the leader, you embrace change quickly; adapting as often as is physically possible. 

For more take a look at the other episodes in this series or head to my quick tips vlog on what Agile means.

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