Introducing our productivity mavens …

The Productivity Bureau was founded by Penny Duckworth and Emily Dover.

pennyPenny has been a Productivity Coach since November 2015 working alongside individuals and businesses to become more productive and achieve their goals more effectively. Previous to this, Penny worked in advertising as a Project Manager. In her busiest moments she was receiving between 300 & 400 emails a day and managing teams of up to 17 people. She has a calm and positive attitude which catches on quickly in her teams while maintaining an effective working environment focused on delivering results.

emilyEmily has over a decade of experience as a PA and Executive Assistant and now as a Virtual Assistant. As a Virtual Assistant, Emily rolls up her sleeves up and provides hands on support to a variety of small businesses to reduce wasted time and develop back office systems that are solid foundations for growth. At The Productivity Bureau, she brings her experience in helping businesses harness new technology to automate their workload and minimise their admin burden.

Why do we do it?

About usBecause you had a dream. That dream probably didn’t include mountains of admin.

We understand that, when you are running your own business, success can feel like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you are excited to be realising your dream. On the other, you can find yourself floundering under an ever increasing workload.

We’ve been at the side of many business owners who are experiencing just these growing pains. We’ve worked with them to make them more personally productive and we’ve created systems and processes that make their businesses more efficient and easier to run. We’ve taught them how to use technology to automate and organise their workload. We’ve left them with the tools that they need to take their business to the next stage – whether that be to do more, be more profitable, prepare them to take on extra help or all three.

Personal productivity
Harnessing systems that work
Simple yet effective processes
Automating through technology

When we first met, we quickly realised that our expertise combined to offer something truly unique to business owners who want to kick start their productivity

As far as we know, there is no other service that combines personal productivity coaching with bespoke, personalised advice and guidance on what tools and processes to use in your business to help you grow. Our advice is always practical and always based on careful analysis of you and your business.

Analysing businesses and working out what is holding them back is what we love. We love finding practical, workable solutions. Most of all we love watching our client’s businesses grow as a result.

Take a look at our services to see what we can do for you.