Some lovely words from a few of the brilliant people we’ve worked with…

Lucy“I had been looking for some time for someone or something to get me to stop and assess what I am doing with my business, where I am going wrong , what I am doing right etc. The Productivity Bureau came along at just the right time.”
Lucy Maddison, Lucy Maddison Design

“I would recommend a 360 degree programme to small businesses who are so busy running their business and have little time to stop and focus on how they are running day to day, how they can improve their services and pay structures, and reach their goals.”
Lucy Maddison, Lucy Maddison Design

Madia“Penny spent time listening to the way I work and then in a non-patronising way showed me many strategies to be more effective with both my new workload and family life”
Madia Rachid, Founder of Physio4Me

MoneyTree“Emily has been brilliant at helping me set up new processes and systems and generally helping Money Tree Fundraising grow up. She helped us move from managing all our information on spreadsheets to using a CRM which means that all the data I need on my clients, prospects and associates is always at my finger tips. Emily was quick to learn about my business and understand its challenges. She knows her stuff when it comes to technology and has helped me discover new tools that I now use every day to run my business and communicate with my team.”
Beth Upton, CEO of Money Tree Fundraising

Kee“Penny is brilliant. She was so friendly, incisive and provided me with some great advice that has helped me streamline my processes and work more efficiently.”
Kee Ramsorrun, Head of Communications, CCL

Antoinette“Within 30 minutes of the beginning of our first 1-2-1 session, Penny had accurately summarised my personality, the issues that I was having with time management and was able to succinctly guide me towards 3 ideas and tools for me to test and think through over the next month.”
Antoinette Daniel, Founder of Just Helpers.

“I feel more focused and better motivated to keep working towards my future goals. They understand the mind of an SME business person”
Antoinette Daniel, Founder of Just Helpers.