Are you working all the hours on your business but you are still not making as much money as you need?  Are you run ragged by servicing your clients or fulfilling sales that you don’t have time to strategise and develop your business?

You may have hit on a sales and marketing technique that works but does the prospect of taking on more clients or making more sales give you a faint sense of dread?  You know that’s more time working and less time for you and your family and friends. 

Are you wondering when all this hard work is really going to pay off?

You need to find a new way to run your business.  A way that releases you from constant doing and allows you space to think and be the CEO your business needs.

Perhaps you have tried to be more organised about the way you work and have ended up stressed out and slowed down by constantly switching between different apps and spreadsheets.

Don’t worry you are in the right place.  

Who am I?

emilyI am a PA and Operations Manager with over 15 years experience.   Over the years I’ve worked in big organisations and small.   From small consultancies to government departments.   In roles in businesses ranging from online retail to software development.  I’ve been running a highly successful VA business since 2015 and in that time I’ve helped many business owners develop effective business processes which streamline their operations.   I’ve helped them create and discover systems which are easy and intuitive to operate.   I’ve worked with them to cost their time effectively so that they are charging what they are worth and take account of ALL the time they are spending working on their businesses.

I can introduce you to technologies and systems that could automate parts of your business.  I can help you get ready to outsource efficiently.   I’m all about giving you the breathing space and the head space to make sure you, as CEO, are focusing on the stuff that needs you and you alone.

I am an expert at getting to the heart of operational problems, identifying areas which can be improved and offering practical, workable solutions.

Sounds great!   Book me in for a discovery call now!

What my clients say:

MoneyTree“Emily has been brilliant at helping me set up new processes and systems and generally helping Money Tree Fundraising grow up. She helped us move from managing all our information on spreadsheets to using a CRM which means that all the data I need on my clients, prospects and associates is always at my finger tips. Emily was quick to learn about my business and understand its challenges. She knows her stuff when it comes to technology and has helped me discover new tools that I now use every day to run my business and communicate with my team.”

Beth Upton, CEO of Money Tree Fundraising

Lucy“I would recommend the programme to small businesses who are so busy running their business and have little time to stop and focus on how they are running day to day, how they can improve their services and pay structures, and reach their goals.”

Lucy Maddison, Lucy Maddison Design

How can I help?

For just £250 you will receive:

Resources and worksheets which will help you analyse and look objectively at your business processes.

A 1 hour 1-2-1 video call with me – we will use that hour to explore the key challenges with your business operations.  We’ll talk about your ambitions for your business and how you are costing your time.   We’ll end that call with an agreed action plan for streamlining your business.

I will come fully prepared for the call having researched your business and analysed the background information you have sent over.

You will receive a recording of that call so that you can refer back to it at any time.   Where appropriate, I will follow up with a list of tools and software along with costings- these are tools that I know will work for you so there’s no need to waste time researching and testing.

I’ll be available to answer follow up questions about the tools I’ve recommended (via chat, email and phone) over the following 4 weeks.

Finally, we’ll have a 30 minute accountability follow up call 4 weeks after the initial video call to see how you are doing and troubleshoot any ongoing issues.

Want to know more about what we could do for you and your business?  Book a free discovery call now!