Define: Eternal Optimist

Optimism is an overused and broad topic in coaching. The term “Positive thinking” is becoming so commonplace it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. It evokes images of cross-legged legging-clad women looking serene or men on mountains looking like gold medallists.


Flow. A popular word used in this topic. Coined most prevalently by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Happy Birthday by-the-way Mr. Csikszentmihalyi). It’s a word used to describe a heightened mental state that we achieve when creativity is going really well, we forget ourselves, we have clear goals, we do not self-doubt and importantly we get things done.

Client Feedback

I was sincerely impressed. Within 30 minutes of the beginning of session 1, Penny had accurately summarised my personality, the issues that I was having with time management and was able to succinctly guide me…